Sign up to TALON TECHNOLOGY™  and watch your portfolio grow!  After 60 days using our platform, if you have not made a profit in the markets, simply don't respond to our invitation to take your account to the next level, and you have lost nothing.  Talon Technology works with any investment vehicle.

 YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS.  IT'S FREE FOR 60 DAYS!  That's enough time to bring in some serious profits using our software without obligation or cost!

  Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1:  Set up your brokerage account with any stock broker of your choice.  You can find some good brokers on our Research, Tools & Links page.  This process could take up to 3 weeks, so be patient with your broker.  The stock market will still be here when you are ready to start trading.

Step 2:  After you have established a brokerage account,  click on the 'Sign Up Today' link above.  

 A new window will come up, Click on 'Sign Up'.  

You will be prompted to provide your information (everything except e-mail address is optional, your privacy is secure). 

Click on 'Submit' and you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete your setup.  AND, LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD IN YOUR WALLET, IT IS NOT REQUIRED.

Step 3:  Conduct your own research, pick your stocks, and start trading, using your own broker.  Once you have picked a stock to trade, enter the dollar values in your portfolio page, and TALON TECHNOLOGY™ will do the calculating for you.

When you have your account set up, you will be able to download the user manual, and a helpful Excel file which will assist you in making stock calculations.

Day Traders are using TALON TECHNOLOGY™ right now, and making nice gains! 

PAID SUBSCRIBERS CAN HAVE UP TO FIVE ADDITIONAL PORTFOLIO DATABASES ON their ACCOUNT, at minimal cost, FOR A TOTAL OF SIX, TO TRACK INDIVIDUAL STOCKS.  PLATINUM MEMBERS ARE ELEGIBLE TO PAY EVEN LESS FOR EACH NEW PORTFOLIO DATABASE!  We now have files for download, which will help users keep personal records on their stocks.  Just click on the Documents link when you log in to your account.



TALON TECHNOLOGY™ has a pending trademark in Canada (Application No. 1454803), others pending.

TALON TECHNOLOGY™* does not advise subscribers to buy or sell any particular stock, product or service, and is not responsible for any errors in judgment, made by subscribers, while they enter data in the database, or for the purchase or sale of any particular stock, product or service.  All equity and investments are made by individual users without any prompting from Talon Management Tools LLC.  All funds invested are always held in trust by the investors' own brokers.




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